Before I post phase 1 of the transformation, I figured I would first explain why I chose to use this particular design for this project.

A jewelry organizer is not an essential household product. It is more a type of product that is useful to have but not vital to the flow of daily life. Therefore, a precise design and marketing strategy is essential for its success. Since we don’t desperately need it to function, we must be convinced on how it will enhance our lives.

There are already so many different types of jewelry boxes in many different shapes and sizes currently available on the market. Any new addition to this relatively saturated market needs to really stand apart from the rest in order to make sufficient business sense for merchants to want to carry it and for the consumer to be interested in purchasing one.

Why did I start to design this particular concept in the first place?

Because none of the products currently available on the market, to which I have access to, sufficiently suit my needs.  There are items that are either meant for traveling or for in-house use, but not many that allows for use in both situations while still making functional aesthetic sense.

My proposed product concept is in essence a set of travel jewelry organizers that fit into a decorative, yet functional, base for home use; thus allowing the user to have the best of both worlds.