Now that all questions in the previous post have been answered and the project is still a go, it is time to take a closer look at the original design.

Is the current design enough? what is missing? what can be added?

Analysis is an ongoing process that continues even beyond production. By doing so, we are able to better ensure that  we stay ahead of the game and most importantly, ahead of the competition.

After a brief brainstorming session based on the info gathered in the last two phases, I noted the following points that must be taken into consideration during the redesign:

-Ease of access

-Diversity of jewelry size


-Esthetics (Visually pleasing)

-Practicality/ Ease of use


After taking a new look at the original design, with these points in mind, I have come upon the following two initial modifications

– In order to accommodate different jewelry sizes,  each column, of stackable containers, should be either a different size or each column should contain compartments of different sizes

-Not every aspect of the jewelry organizer needs to be transportable. By having a “jewelry tree” and ring holder attached to the base, the user can leave items that are worn often and/or require  quick  access.

The above points will not only add to the functionality of the final design but also enhance the form of this product-to-be.